Security Monitoring
Cost Effective Fully Managed SIEM and SOC Service


Our SIEM solution uses Graylog. 

The best in the market.

We leverage our expertise in penetration testing and research conducted by the NCSC to create effective detection rules that can identify threats in your network.

We also provide a monthly report on what we have observed in your network. Using this, we can make recommendations on how to improve your security posture.


We test and improve our rules continuously.

Our team can deploy on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid; whatever your needs and preferences are, we have it covered.

After the solution has been deployed, we take complete care of the all maintenance, including rule updates. 


Our incident specialists are ready 24/7

In case of an incident, we will assist you with our incident response specialists, who can help you contain and remediate the attack.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your SIEM

Get a Cost-Effective Solution

No need to hire your own in-house cyber security team or install and maintain software.

Get Experienced SOC Analytics

Involve an experienced SOC team that follows cutting-edge cyber security trends and brings them to life.

Get Technical Support

You have questions – we have answers. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have. Every detail matters.

Improve Log Management

Get less redundant and false-positive alerts. React only to what really matters.

Monitor Security Posture 24/7

Get notified if something suspicious is happening. Be sure that you are secure at any time.

Protect Sensitive Data

Meet security monitoring standards, comply, and keep your sensitive data safe.

Receive Transparent Reports

Get metrics that matter. No redundant data that could mislead you. Custom reports that bring unique value.

Improve Dwell Time

React to the threats immediately with easy-to-perceive notifications. Know what happened, when, and what to do about it.