Security Monitoring

Advanced security intelligence to help you protect your business.
How can you identify and respond to the constant influx of security threats without security monitoring?
Online attacks can strike at any moment, and breaches can be catastrophic for businesses. 

Logging is essential to help optimise your recovery and comply with regulatory obligations.

The Strategy

Attackers must conduct certain activities to successfully breach an organisation and steal business data.

Lateral Movement
Domain compromise
Data theft

Businesses looking to defend their data need to identify and understand attacks at stages 3-5, before it is too late. Identifying a threat at stage 3 can be difficult. As sophisticated attackers have the advantage and are able to go undetected, no solution can offer a 100% guarantee.

This has made the ‘assume breach’ approach the de-facto standard for businesses looking to defend themselves. Fundamental to this methodology is making plans assuming that your system has already been compromised.

Our Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) solution detects threats at stages 4 and 5, allowing you to better identify and respond to attack before it damages your business. This advanced security  system provides round-the-clock monitoring and reporting of known attacks covered in the ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise from Mitre.

The Process

The first step to build an effective Security Information and Event Monitoring system (SIEM) should be preparation, however some aspects are routinely overlooked.


Initial Consultation
Carry out security checks
Improve security posture


System tuning


Incident response playbook


Mitigate attack risk

Many SIEM vendors will ship all events to the logging system, creating two problems - ‘event noise’ making incident detection and response harder and increasing cost with extra storage, capacity and licensing implications.

Our advanced SIEM solution includes these benefits:

  • Flexible licensing model based on the number of nodes not events per second

  • Filtered events are only sent to the central location reducing cost and improving incident response

  • Helps satisfy data protection requirements such as EU GDPR

SIEM from Defence Logic provides advanced visibility into your security events, classifying events within a severity range of 1-100 and featuring easy to use dashboards, allowing your compliance officers to better identify and respond to risk.

For events that score more than 50 on the severity scale, we provide an incident response playbook, enabling you to respond effectively.

Help protect your business with better security intelligence

With the financial and repetitional cost of data breaches reaching record heights, businesses can’t afford to be complacent. From enhanced event analysis to incident response, Defence Logic has the expertise to strengthen your security posture.  

SIEM from Defence Logic offers advanced security monitoring and reporting to help you identify and respond to threats, improve your security and compliance and better protect critical data.

Key Contact
Paul Dutot
Chief Technology Officer