Jersey Fiduciary Company Security Monitoring Case Study


The customer is a company that provides financial services to customers across various sectors.

The Challenge

They have an Azure environment with about 100 users who access and store sensitive data daily. To ensure the security and compliance of their data, they required a monitoring, cloud-based solution that integrates with Azure and provides real-time visibility and threat detection.


Together with the Customer, Defence Logic coordinated the installation of Defence Logic monitoring within the Customer’s IT network, which involved the following:

Delivery of Defence Logic Monitoring

After all initial arrangements were made, Defence Logic delivered the SIEM to the customer. Under the guidance of our consultants, we installed the tool and configured it in line with their security environment. 

27 Hosts (Servers and Endpoints)

1.5 million events per day

195 Gigs / 30 Days

Pre-Use Audit

After Defence Logic’s SIEM was properly adapted to the Customer’s environment, Defence Logic’s consultants and the customer IT Team ran the pre-use audit of the tool’s performance. The audit results testified that Defence Logic’s SIEM was properly tuned and would provide efficient monitoring. Also, the Defence Logic team provided the customer IT team with a thorough consultation on further support and maintenance of Defence Logic SIEM.


The outcomes of this partnership have been nothing short of outstanding. The Customer has expressed high satisfaction with Defence Logic Security Monitoring’s services. These are the key benefits they’ve realised:

Enhanced Security Posture. The Customer has significantly improved their overall security posture, bolstering their resilience against cyber threats.

Improved Compliance Status. Defence Logic’s SIEM deployment has contributed to the Customer’s enhanced compliance status, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Reduced Operational Costs. Operational costs have been reduced, primarily due to the SIEM’s efficient event handling and streamlined security processes.

Mitigated Risks. The partnership with Defence Logic has reduced potential security risks, fostering a safer IT environment.

Data Protection. The Customer now enjoys peace of mind, knowing that a reliable and professional partner safeguards their valuable customer and staff data.


The technology stack utilised in this success story includes the Graylog SIEM, complemented by Defence Logic’s custom detection rules, ensuring robust and tailored security measures.