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What to expect

These can be combined or undertaken separately as part of a security testing consultation process.


Comprehensive Preparation

Tailored approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring legal compliance and clear objectives.


Persistent Access Analysis

Evaluating your system’s resilience against extended unauthorized access.

Expert Execution

A systematic approach involving access gain, persistence, and operational impacts to assess your defenses.


Advanced Threat Intelligence

Utilising real-world scenarios to replicate sophisticated cyber threats, preparing your systems against actual risks.


Real World Exploitation

Testing defenses against social engineering and other advanced attack methods.

Our Threat Intel-Based Methodology



icon_Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning

Threat intelligence & Attack Planning

icon_Attack Execution

Attack Execution

icon_Result Analysis & Reporting

Result Analysis & Reporting

icon_Lessons-Learned Workshop

Lessons Learned


We can add the human layer to these technical devices that configure, maintains and operates on this infrastructure. There is one problem, these types of defences work with different interactions and processes that are extremely complex.

Ensuring the effectiveness of your defences

Our Intelligence-led Penetration Testing assessment is the practice of attacking a problem from an adversarial point of view and follows a different approach from a typical security assessment.

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Be introduced to the impeccable standard of our Penetration Testing services.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind knowing that your internal security team and Security Operations Centre (SOC) are fully equipped to identify and swiftly respond to targeted attacks

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Enhance your brand’s reputation and ensure customer data protection


The service we got from Defence Logic was superb. It was thorough and exactly what we needed. Most importantly it gave myself and the other shareholders peace of mind and we were left knowing that our platform was as safe as it possibly could be.

Ben Phoenix Co-Founder & Director | ORZI

Defence Logic provided us with great service, our first penetration test resulted in a very comprehensive report with suggestions on how to improve the security of both our mobile apps as well as the backend database. Our team took a few months to secure all aspects of the products and Defence Logic then provided an Attestation report for us. This essential service for our corporate clients’ peace of mind was expertly executed by the team, at Defence Logic.

Meg Faure CEO |

Digital Jersey has worked with Defence Logic on multiple cybersecurity projects. We have been impressed with their proficiency in conducting penetration tests for various use cases, including phone apps, web apps, and network tests. Defence Logic's reports are highly professional and provide clear steps to address any issues discovered.

Seb Lawson Head of Projects | Digital jersey