Business Process Outsourcing Firm Case Study


In an era where digital security is paramount, discover how a leading Business Process Outsourcing firm spanning three continents elevated its security and compliance game. Dive into this transformative journey powered by Defence Logic’s unmatched monitoring solutions.

The Client

A globally renowned Business Process Outsourcing enterprise, serving top-tier clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. With a dynamic workforce of 10,000+ spread across Africa, this titan in the industry sought nothing short of excellence in security.

The Challenge

Operating in a vast hybrid environment, both on-premises and cloud-based, the client needed to securely cater to 10,000 users, each handling sensitive data every day. The mission? An all-encompassing monitoring solution, ensuring compliance with PCI DSS and SOC2 and providing a vigilant eye on real-time threats

Defence Logic’s Power Play: SIEM and SOC

Defence Logic harnesses the power of SIEM— a top-tier platform that gathers and assesses data from diverse sources, transforming it into actionable insights. Any hint of malicious activity, and Defence Logic’s 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) is on it, ensuring threats like unauthorized access, malware attacks, or ransomware are detected in real-time.

With the Defence Logic team at the helm, false positives are swiftly filtered out, critical incidents are prioritized, and expert-led responses are initiated.

Why Defence Logic? For our client, the answer was clear: hassle-free implementation, cost-efficiency, and a transparent fixed-price model.


Tailored Solutions: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

1. Integration – A seamless collaboration between Defence Logic and the client ensured smooth incorporation of Defence Logic monitoring into the client’s IT framework.  

     Key Metrics:

     * 91 Hosts (73 Servers & 18 Firewalls)

     * A whopping 20+ million events daily

     * 1.95 TiB over 30 days

2. Pre-use Audit – Before setting the SIEM into motion, a rigorous pre-use audit was performed. This guaranteed the SIEM’s alignment with the client’s needs and the establishment of a resilient security environment.


Impactful Results

Ironclad Security. A bolstered defence against cyber threats.

Elevated Compliance. Unwavering adherence to PCI DSS and SOC2 standards.

Optimised Expenses. Efficient event management leading to cost savings.

Risk Mitigation. A fortified IT environment, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Data Guardianship. Sleep easy, knowing that Defence Logic stands guard.

Cost of Service. The customer pays 12% compared to using Microsoft Sentinel

Technology Edge

At the heart of this success saga is the Graylog SIEM. Enhanced by Defence Logic’s proprietary detection rules, this synergy ensures a formidable and bespoke security shield.

Ready to write your success story with Defence Logic? Join the security revolution.