Asia Law Firm Security Monitoring Case Study

Customer The customer is a law firm in Asia providing legal services to multinational clients and employs approximately 1,500 staff members in various locations throughout Asia. The Challenge The firm operates in a hybrid environment (on-premises and cloud) that spans multiple jurisdictions in Asia, with about 1,500 users accessing and storing sensitive client data daily. […]

Jersey Fiduciary Company Security Monitoring Case Study

Customer The customer is a company that provides financial services to customers across various sectors. The Challenge They have an Azure environment with about 100 users who access and store sensitive data daily. To ensure the security and compliance of their data, they required a monitoring, cloud-based solution that integrates with Azure and provides real-time […]

Business Process Outsourcing Firm Case Study

Introduction In an era where digital security is paramount, discover how a leading Business Process Outsourcing firm spanning three continents elevated its security and compliance game. Dive into this transformative journey powered by Defence Logic’s unmatched monitoring solutions. The Client A globally renowned Business Process Outsourcing enterprise, serving top-tier clients across North America, Europe, and […]